Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{Look 1. Sweater | Belt | Studs | Booties | Sunnies | Bag | Maxi Skirt}
{Look 2. Top | Skirt | Heels | Hoops | Clutch | Cocktail Ring}

The special day of love and friendship is one that is, well, special to many people. Not only because you get to share your affection with those who you love and care for, but also because it's a good excuse to look adorable. The first look works for pretty much any daytime activity you do with your boo on V-day, including brunches, strolls along the park, shopping, etc. I really love how the feminine pleats get balanced out by the grunginess of the studded cross-body and the cut-out bootie (which I'm in love with by the way!). The touches of red give it a festive feel, and how can anyone resist to give you a smooch with those irresistible kissie studs?

As for Look 2, although Emma wore this outfit some time ago, I think it shouts Valentine's Day! I have seen many renditions of this look, whether you replace the lace top with a sheer long sleeve blouse or the peplum skirt with a wide, red pant. Either way, the color block combination is to swoon over, which is exactly what you want your honey to be doing. The nude pump allows the focus to remain on the bright pieces and the black accessories gives the entire look a touch of elegance. I would style my hair up, add a dash of mascara and eyeliner and strut out the door. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether you're out on a fashionable date or in your sweats watching re-runs of your favorite TV shows. 

Until next time, 
Yaissy xo


  1. love that emma stone ensemble! it just screams vday!! :D

    happy vday to you!!

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  2. The skirt is stylish and beautiful. I love the color. I really want it.